Zumba ® Parties


Woweee have you ever thought how fun it would be to have a party and have a bit of Zumba ® thrown in the mix?


Adults and children, sale sildenafil old and young respond to music and dancing naturally; the connection lifts the spirits and creates a party everyone will enjoy.


  • Are you an all-female group wanting to drink champagne and party hard?
  • Are you a mixed age/gender group and want it to be suitable for children and grannies?
  • Perhaps it’s your child’s birthday and you would like a little Zumba ® session as the activity, cialis sale but want to be sure it’s appropriate?


 As no two parties are the same it is important that you are able to customize the feel for your own party. This way we can adjust things to get it “just right”.


We’ve mocked up a couple of examples to give you an idea of duration, troche content and cost.


Basic Party Package: 

  • Number of guests: 10-12
  • 40 min Zumba ® session
  • FREE Zumba ® CD of your party music
  • FREE Balloons and Sweeties
  • FEE: £75 (10-12 people)


Party Package Adult Zumba ®:

  • Number of guests: 20
  • Zumba ® Splash: Prosecco with a pomegranate and fruity twist. One welcoming glass per person (we provide plastic champagne glasses).
  • Zumba ® Crunch: Carrots, celery and cucumber crudities’ with a variety of 3 dips (humus, salsa and guacamole).
  • Music playing chat and mingle.
  • 40 min Zumba ® session
  • FREE Zumba ® CD of your party music
  • We depart; you carry on, practicing your new moves!!!
  • Our total time with you 1hr 30mins
  • FEE: Including everything: £250


Party Package Child Zumba ®:

  • Number of guests: 10
  • Zumba ® Splash: Fruity twisted, lemonade, with straws and umbrellas etc. (we provide the plastic champagne glasses)
  • Zumba ® Crunch: Seasonal fruits, e.g. Pineapple, Apple and Strawberry crudities with a variety of two dips (chocolate or fruity yoghurt).
  • Music Playing, kids all happy
  • 30 min Zumba ® session, dancing and Zumba ® games
  • Free Zumba ® CD of your party music
  • Zumba ® balloons for you to put into the party bags
  • Our total time with you: 1hr 15mins
  • FEE: Including everything: £175