Zumba ® Request a Track


Please send me your fav track or “choon” and I will try and get it on our play list for the next class you are planning to attend.


Just send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying the day you are attending/the track you love and a brief description of the routine if you don’t know the track name.


I will be in touch to confirm track.



troche case helvetica, cheap treat sans-serif;">1. Say Na,Say Na (Feed the birds)

Zumba ® Samba (V step with opp arm and chop chop)

3. Bailando Con Lola (Happy)
4. Cuando Tu No Estas Reggaeton
5. Tunak Tunak Tun Punjabi
6. Mueve La Booty (Ma ma)
7. Toul Omry – Belly Dance
8. Forget You - Ce Lo Green
9. Para No Verte Mas- (Rip up picture, burn in fire)
10. Aint That Just the Way – Leg track/soul/
11. Beggin' - Acon
12. Banana - Soca/Calypso
13. She’s Hotter - Reggaeton
14. Cuando Tu No Estas – Reggaeton
15. Parars - Cumbia
16. Pause - Pitbull
17. Waka Waka
18. Wiggle Wiggle - Merengue
19. La Fiesta
20. Baila Pa Emociona - Calypso
21. Zumba ® Zumba ®
22. Salome
23. Mawa Sillah - African
24. Jai Ho
25. I Love Salsa
26. Jump in the Line
27. Suavemente
28. Love on Top
29. Single Ladies
30. Trai La Bulla
31. Fuego
32. Los Campeones de la Salsa
33. Down with the Trumpets
34. Esperare