Zumba ® Comments


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Zumba ® is a way to let go of being serious for an hour and lose yourself, mind physician with your friends in a fun workout that anyone can enjoy
Mary Jones, buy cialis West London

Zumba ® combines wonderful  Latin music with easy-to-do-moves, unhealthy it’s a party I love and Lucy
makes it the best thing I’ve ever done-and boy do you sweat
Jill Climes, West London

Try this session!!! I have lost four pounds in four weeks without doing anything but having fun!!!
Chantal Williams, London W7

I trained with Lucy and lost 21/2 stone, then my journey continued and I have been doing Zumba ® for over a year. The people become like family/friends and I so look forward to each session
Ann Clarke, West London

I had been looking for something local to do, heard about Zumba ® and thought Id give it a go. It was challenging to begin with as I was unfil and uncoordinated, but 6 months on I am really having so much fun and feel so much more at ease in my own body
Lauren Chapmen, Ealing, West London

I always loved to dance, I danced through uni and then I found this. The routines are great cos I can work them up and really go for it, and yet the person next to me is doing a much calmer routine, I like that everyone can be together doing their own thing...the music is so coooooollllllll
Phillipa B, Bristol and London

I had two children close together and have been struggling to get “me time” so the later sessions work really well for me and I didn’t realize that so many people were in a similar situation...please keep the late slots Lucy!!!
Karena Thistlewhite, Acton, West London

I attended Elthorne school so was pleased to see some thing trendy coming to the main hall. It’s a fun class and Im not great at it but me and my friends have such a laugh
T C, Ealing/Hanwell

Oh I love the music, it makes me just wanna dance dance dance...fab sessions, been to other Zumba's ®, but gotta say, for me this is the BEST...
Rachel, Northfields