What is Ole® Fitness?


Ole® Fitness is an extremely simple and enjoyable way to improve the health and fitness of larger folks from 14-22 stone
Lucy Case

Using the principles of Motivation, no rx ask Knowledge and Application this simple system address ONLY three points.


Ole® Safe Exercise
We provide a unique fun exercise class for xxx large folks taught by qualified instructors.

Improves cardio-vascular fitness, improves mobility of joints, improves stamina, improves muscle tone, improves mood, and improves self-esteem. Click here to see our Ole® videos so that you can workout at home. Contact Lucy to book a class. Classes starting January 2013.


Ole® Self Knowledge

We provide an easy to use online diary to track your calorie and nutritional needs.

Learning how to fuel the body, how to keep count of calories, how to balance energy requirements, how to make food swaps are all valuable tools to helping us become healthier. Click here for a free 5-day trial.


Ole® Application

The group support and fun of each session creates lifetime bonds. The Ole® Food box keeps portion size on track. The regular exercise combined with easy-to-use theory makes for a very motivated, happy group.

All Ole® teachers are trained in the online diary system and part of the 20 min theory session is to be taught different aspects of the diary, nutrition and exercise theory. The remaining 40 mins, is the Ole® exercise session and again our Ole® experts will be teaching safe and fun routines with lots of rest periods, encouragement and laughter. Click here for more info about Ole® food box.


Ole® Videos

Sometimes it is hard to get to classes. The pavements may be slippery, a loved one unwell, or it’s a dark evening. But the important thing to know is that our video sessions can be done safely at home.

Remember exercising increases Base Metabolic Rate, gets oxygenated blood around the body, makes one feel perkier and makes the muscles stronger.


  • FREE 5 day trial by clicking here.
  • Full support on using site dedicated in every class.
  • When your busy life gets in the way, exercise safely at home.
  • M’ship to this part of the site is very reasonably priced. 
  • Lucy Case teaches on this part of the site along with other safe teachers. 
  • We will always direct you to suitable classes.