Ole® Food Box

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buy stuff sans-serif;">The Food Box that helps you lose weight.


This two-compartmented washable plastic box; helps apply the theory of potion control into the practice of portion control.


Usage of the box and how to use it is recommended. All to often our self-control to consumption is compromised because we “fail to plan for hunger” and therefore of course we are susceptible to temptation. By responsibly packing our food daily we not only make healthier choices we are managing portion control.


WHERE CAN I BUY IT? At an Ole® class.

PRICE: £4.99                      

PAYABLE WITH: Cash and cheque only


“One side of the box is for your lunch and the other side for your snacks. The compartment size helps regulate portion size, another important factor to slowly reducing body fat. All I can say is that it works...”
Melanie, Ealing



“I am a mobile hairdresser and was always ?eating sandwiches and snacks in my car. I still eat in the car, but the food box? has helped me pack simpler, healthier food ?and as a result I have lost weight...” 
Celia, Hairdresser, Chiswick