Ole® Comments


Lucy understands the way a larger person moves and connects me with the music, view sovaldi  for me to dance again is a wonderful gift...thank you Lucy
Jan, look Ealing


“I always loved to dance and love music, but I tire quickly and am clumsy...however,
this workout, seated or standing made me feel I had achieved something and not really noticed the time go by...” 
Helen, Chiswick


“Being large I have some joint problems and much as I want to exercise there is nothing out there for me to do...Lucy’s Ole® Fitness is suitable for anyone  large who loves to dance and finds it hard to keep up in a regular class” 
Janice, West London


"Understanding my limitations and keepingsafe is important, by doing this  programme and using the box for food I have lost half a stone in two weeks - I am too lazy to bother with diets - this works because its simple, fun and  "normal" and I love being "normal".
Jackie, Hanwell