Ole® FAQ / H&S


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What do I wear/bring? 

see viagra generic helvetica, remedy hospital sans-serif;">1. Wear comfortable clothing, leggings and a T-shirt and some comfortable trainers.

Bring water and a little hand towel.


What is the weight range? 

1. Ole® can be adapted to multiple weights generally between 14-22 stone. Lighter people may work it harder whilst heavier folks may need to be more gentle in their movements and rest more frequently.


I am quite uncoordinated, how will I mange? 

1. All Ole classes understand that people have different abilities. Whilst the classes are often quite basic and the moves easy-to-follow, we vary it a lot so that the classes do not become too boring.


How many times a week should I go? 

1. Our recommendation is three per week.



  Will I lose weight doing Ole®? 

1. The equation still stands that calorie deficit is required for fat loss to be a achieved. Exercising regularly and adjusting your calorie consumption would guarantee weight loss.


What parts of the body does Ole® tone-up? 

1. Ole® is an excellent total body toning formula.



How long does it take to drop a dress size? 

1. Again, this answer is subject to a couple of other factors being in place. Ole® x 3 per week, working hard during each session, not eating any junk/processed food and watching portion size, one could drop a dress size in four weeks.


Can I eat before coming to class? 

1. It is not advisable to eat a big meal prior to zumba, it is best to have a meal 2½ hours before or to have a snack 1½ hours before

Do hydrate properly prior to class with lots of water sipped throughout the afternoon.



1. It is worth always checking with your GP prior to commencing any new form of activity.

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3. If you feel any of these questions come up as concerns, please do ring Lucy or come to class early to discuss briefly.
4. If the class is busy, it will be extra hot too, please bring a water bottle and sip throughout the session.
5. Newcomers’ keep hip rotations small and gentle.
6. Build up stamina slowly.
7. Be aware of your own physical limitations.
8. Make sure you have a safe route home and are travelling with friends.
9. Remember to wrap up warm after a session.