What is your returns policy?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, medical hospital you can return it to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the item (clothing must have the labels attached). You are responsible for the P&P of returning the products and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item.


Is PayPal safe?

PayPal protects you whilst you are shopping online and is easy to set up and use. This is the only method of payment we accept at the moment.


How do I add www.bodyfitco.com to my safe senders list?

If you aren't getting emails from us, sales including your password email, you may find that your email programme has marked our emails as spam. To make sure you see these emails you can find instructions for adding www.bodyfitco.com to your safe senders list below.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

Google Mail

Apple Mail

Or search for safe senders in your favorite search engine.


Why does the video keep stopping and starting?

Broad band is a shared system which means that at certain times of the day it may run a bit slower due to more people logging on in your area, making your broadband slower. This is often most noticeable in the early evening when everyone comes home.


Why can't I access the videos, my membership is paid?

Please do contact us on 07972 149938 and we will ring you back asap to resolve the problem.


What’s the difference between streaming videos and DVD’s?

The streamed videos are watched on your computer and you can access these whenever you have a connection to the Internet. There is more choice this way as licensing laws with music make the production of streamed videos slightly easier. The DVD is a disc, which you receive in a box, and is therefore easy for you to play on your TV. It is transportable and can be enjoyed easily without an Internet connection. There is less choice of these as production costs differ, however, we do endeavor to create a good supply of both videos and DVD’s.


What’s the best type of session to do to lose body fat and tone up?

The best way to loose body fat (as apposed to muscle mass) is to do some Cardio exercise and some toning exercise. Both contribute, in slightly different ways to healthy and sustainable fat-loss and muscle tone.


Why don’t you do toning and floor work in the Ole® series?

Ole fitness is for those folks with a much larger body mass for whom exercise is quite tiring already. The training specification for large clients according to the ACSM (American College of Science and Medicine) is 5x per week 40-60 minutes per session (or x2 sessions of 20-30 min) emphasizing duration over intensity. Toning with weights is not recommended at this stage although movements, which, help with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) are recommended.


Our view is that toning has its place with all our sessions however; it is built in subtly and carefully into the class. We offer always a seated option. We discourage lying down exercises for heavy clients, as it can be awkward to get into the correct positions and to breath with ease.


I’m new to fitness, only a little bit over weight, what should I do?

Our New to Fitness videos and DVD are aimed at people who may be a little overweight or they may just not have exercised before and find the whole gym/class thing a bit daunting. This series aims to take a new comer by the hand and help them to become a little bit fitter and to understand what the names of the different moves are.


I’m an experienced exerciser, aged 18-35 in great health…… what should I be aiming to do each week?

Ideally you are exercising x3 hours per week at a PRE (Perceived Rate of Exertion) of about 7-7.5 out of 10. This means a good sweat, some fatigue, and a good amount of puff and effort. You will want to be doing a range of Cardio and toning videos and looking out for my advanced range.


I’m an experienced exerciser, aged 35 plus in reasonable health…..what should I be aiming to do each week?

For the over 35 client in reasonable health I would recommend the general classes, suitable for a wide range of situations. It is wise to increase toning as we get older but to perhaps modify intensity and dynamic of Cardio work.


I’m an experienced exerciser, aged 60 plus in reasonable health…..what should I be aiming to do each week?

For the over 60 client I would recommend sticking with our beginner range and always checking with your GP first.


When should I check with my GP about exercising?

I would always recommend erring on the side of caution and specifically in this situation where the trainer is not present to assess you or ask you leading questions. Our H&S Form is available, if you answer “yes” to any of the questions on the form it is wise to check with your GP prior to commencing exercise or dietary changes.